Technical Workshops

On Tuesday, April 30th

The three Technical Workshops are parallel sessions which will take place from 09:00 am to 10:00 am and repeat again from 10:15 am to 11:15 am. Each session is limited to 80 participants.

Workshop 1: International standardization of candles: Valid tool to improve quality and safety of products all around the world



  • Gian Luca Salerio, Manager International Area, UNI (Italian Standardisation Organization)
  • Jonas Evaldsson, Product Requirement & Compliance specialist, IKEA
  • Rob Harrington, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Arylessence

Session description:

This workshop will demonstrate the needs and the benefits of working on an internationally recognized standard for candles covering a number of areas:

  • Safety and related accessories for indoor and outdoor use
  • Information for the end users
  • International pictograms for candles and uniform safety signs and warnings
  • Performance
  • Methods for air quality characterization (including emissions of candles)
  • Test methods for the quantification of sooting

The workshop will present concrete proposals to be submitted to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). We believe that an international standard will help boost the much needed consumer confidence on candles.

Workshop 2:
Acquisition of digital data in the candle industry


  • Volker Albrecht, Project manager candle & candle raw material testing, DEKRA Automobil
  • Stephan Ryll, Business Economist, Kaiser Lacke

Session description:

This workshop will show the advantages of using digitization and the CandleApp in particular. The candle industry needs to look at the whole process chain to understand where digital applications can be helpful and bring not only efficiency gains but also additional reliable data that can be used to improve the product.

Candles are working systems influenced by many different parameters. In terms of consumer perception, one of the biggest challenges is candle safety. Another bottleneck, which can also benefit from digitization, is the traceability of the burning behavior. This workshop will showcase the CandleApp and how digital data can help industry deliver better products.

Workshop 3:
Candle combustion: The science of myths and truths

Speaker: Bruce Campbell, Director of Business Development, Wicks Unlimited

Session description:

With a similar approach to the famous TV show ‘Myth Busters’, this workshop will explore the least understood aspect of candles: combustion. Thanks to latest technology in quantifying candle combustion (WU’s lab for standalone Time Lapse Videos, Infrared Time Lapse Videos, Slow-Motion Videos, and TSI’s CDAS machine for correlating data acquisition), the session will examine commonly held truths, assumptions, and lore about the burning of candles. All of us have repeatedly heard a number of ‘truths’ like “you must trim the wick before lighting a candle, so it will burn the best” or “soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax” which have seen zero empirical evidence, proving whether they are true or not. Call them tribal knowledge passed down from generation to generation or observational conclusions formulated after trying to control candle combustion; these generalities have almost become a proven fact. This session will demystify candle combustion.

Barcelona, Spain | 2019 April 28th – May 1st